Whitney Riane – a Cameroonian Actress, Scriptwriter, Movie Producer and Enterpreneur


Hello Everyone. We  introduce you to this beautiful, talented and smart Lady by name #WhitneyRiane Whitney is a Cameroonian Actress, Scriptwriter, Movie Producer and Enterpreneur, she is currently in Nigeria shooting one of her prestigious movie tittled “Trapped” with African baddest Movie Director Frank Rajah Arase Whitney has this to say 
My name is Whitney Ngwendong but my friends call me Whitney Riane. I’m an actress, a script writer and I’m getting into production. Currently, I’m in Nigeria working on my huge movie project and producing my own movie with the best movie Director in the game, Frank Rajah Arase. The movie is tittled TRAPPED and this is the best movie I’ve written so far. So watch out for my upcoming Movie. I will always keep you guys updated. Many thanks to my parents that are my big supporters especially my mum Bridget Benjamin. We are happy and proud of you Whitney, more money, power and love, keep putting 237 on the map.

Photos by Penjo BabaPenjo BabaPenjo Baba

Can’t wait to see this movie industry seed 

 germinate and grow wide with her script writing, production and acting career. Will be my pleasure following your dream alongside great and creative African Film makers of our time. Ngwendong Whitney, may your humility and patience take you above these super dreams of yours. Seeing your Mom Bridget Benjamin, a movie producer accompanying you into your dreams is just a good example of a mother… Wishing you the BEST.


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